9th WIKF Global Cup - England 2019

Dear all,

I hope everyone is progressing nicely with their travel plans for the Global Cup. Just a quick email to everyone from me with the latest updates and reminders.

1) Entry to the competition is now open via Sportdata only. The link to request permission for adding entries is:


Once you have paid your continental membership, you will be granted permission to add your entries. Holland, Canada, Ireland and Spain have already requested and been granted permission.

Remember the early entry fee date is 31st July 2019.

2) The official country order forms are attached for the following orders with an completed example as a guide.

a) Airport Transfers
b) Competition Transfers
c) Club Banners - See example of Club banners, but please email for any special requirements.
d) Venue Passes - Maximum 1000 tickets available

For discounted rates, please return your forms and full payment by Friday 12th July.

3) A gentle reminder that every country is expected to supply a Kumite official, either a referee or a judge and the standard penalty will be applied to countries who do not supply one. Again, we will be providing 20 or so English officials of varied levels, including World and European level but we would like officials from each country with no more than 2 English judges per tatami.

During the competition days, Graham Mableson from England will be your main contact for Kumite officials, but as always please register your officials on Sportdata asap so that Graham can then contact each country who have not registered their officials. Graham's email address is graham@beckside19.f9.co.uk

4) Senior athletes will once again be seeded, which will be based on WKF/EKF rankings as well as prior championships success. We believe that we will also apply this process to both Juniors and Cadets due to the introduction of the K1 Youth League for these age categories.

5) Official merchandise can now be ordered via the following 3rd party link: https://www.victortrophies.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=39&cat=9th+WIKF+Global+Cup+England+2019

Deadline for order is 15th August and orders will be available for collection during country registration.

6) Finally, we are planning to have a short meeting during the WIKF Leaders Course on 15th/16th June in London, to discuss any urgent issues and to have updates from each country.

Summary of key dates again:

12th July - Return and payments for all orders - early rates
31st July - Early registration for entries - early fee rate
15th August - Official Merchandise orders
31st August - Final deadline for entries - late fee rate



Andreas Michaelides
6th Dan
WIKF England Head Coach

WIKF World Championship


Don't miss the 9th WIKF Global Cup hosted at the World Class K2 Complex in London, UK.


18-22 September 2019



Pease Pottage Hill

Crawley, London

RH11 9BQ


For more information please contact WIKF England