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Gasshuko at Voss in Norway

March 6th – 8th 2014

Voss Karate Club invited also this year to an open training camp the first Ukeend in March. And we had the pleasure, this year as well, to have Sensei Jon Wicks as main Instructor, as always, this is a great inspiration. This annual gathering provides us with good opportunity to improve our techniques and Ensures that our athletes in the best possible way protect the legacy of Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki. Nearly 100 athletes from nearly all WIKF clubs in Norway were represented, of which the first row consisted solely of athletes with 3. Dan and above. Several of the athletes had actually participated at the open training camp at Voss for almost 30 years. This year we also had participants from WIKF Denmark; Sensei Kim B Andersen and Joakim Viberg Larsen.

This year many Children and Youths participated, which shows that the Recruitment in the clubs are very good.

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Photographer: Holger Lockertsen

The training started at 1800 with warm-up exercises lead by Rune Joanesarson (5. Dan). Then practice with focus on Kihon Waza; Junzuki, Gyakuzuki and Jodan Uke. Sensei was especially concerned with correctly performed Jodan Uke where the punch must come straight up from the hip and not with a bent elbow. Furthermore pratice of the new Dan combination No. 1 Then practice of Pinan Shodan, here it was stressed the proper use of the hips by Shuto Uke block. The athletes were also challenged why we train “Mokuso” and the importance of this training.

Sensei Cato Bruarøy was responsible for their own Kumite training for children and youths, with focus on basic movements in a kumite competition.

The day started with a fighting session with Sensei Kim B Andersen (5. Dan) from Denmark who has trained many great fighters recent years. WIKF Denmark has been a one of the leading nations in Kumite recent years, Joakim Viberg Larsen acted as assistant instructor, and was WIKF World Kumite Champion, Junior + 76 kg in the 7th WIKF World Championships 2013. Sensei Kim B Andersen emphasized correct movements during fighting, fast dual techniques, and utilization of the resilience in the math. Importance to slide into position when attacking and not use “surikomi” as it takes too long. It was practiced different techniques with Mawashigeri and Ura-Mawashigeri. The session ended with stretching exercises.
Specific training with Sensei Jon Wicks for Dan grading,  focusing on Sanbon, Ohyo and Kihon.
Main session started with warm-up exercises lead by Rune Joanesarson Sensei (5th Dan). Afterwards it was practicing on Sanbon gumite Jodan Uke Ipponme where Sensei Jon Wicks emphasized the use of the hip during blocking and attack, and control of distance (Maai). Dan grades were challenged to perform the exercise reversed.

Furthermore, it was a repetition on the various positions used in Kihon waza. Review of combination No. 2 for Dan grading. Following Pair exercise to understand the meedning of distance (Maai) and the principle of outside Ashibarai. Then a session with the Kata Kushanku. Sensei Jon Wicks emphasized in particular the principle of Waza no Kankyu; the kata must be performed with different rhythm and timing, and careful review of the sequences Kushanku is divided into.

It was also practiced Tanto dori Nihonme, curriculum for 2. Dan grading.

Sensei Cato Bruarøy (6. Dan) trained lower kyu grades in Pinan Sandan and Sanbon Kumite




Photographer: Holger Lockertsen


Coach for the Norwegian team - Ferdinan Nicolas (Nico) was responsible for Kumite training for children and youth in a parallel session. Engaging warm-up exercises, then training in basic techniques of punches and kicks where the focus was moving into position near the opponent to carry out Ashibarai techniques. It was especially emphasized five different types of Ashibarai often used in competitions. This was followed by light fighting with 50% effort to practice Ashibarai techniques. The session ended with stretching and relaxation exercises.





Photographer: Holger Lockertsen

Saturday ended with graduations where the group was divided in two; Higher Kyu grading was conducted by Rune Joanesarson (5th Dan) and lower kyu grades was conducted by Sensei Juan G Lopez Salas (5th Dan).
Black belt graduation by Sensei Jon Wicks.

WIKF congratulate these new Dan graduations:

Photographer: Kjetil Gjøen

From left: Ron Meyer 2. Dan, Aina Johansen 2. Dan (both Centrum karate), Vidar Mjånes 3. Dan (Os karate club), Sensei Jon Wicks (8. Dan), Sensei Cato Bruarøy (6. Dan), Roger Nybakk 1. Dan, Stein Rune Bjerkli 1. Dan (both Rana karate Club) Morten Bjerkan 1. Dan (Byafossen karate)

 Description: Image: When I have achieved 4 dan (yondan) black belt. Received diploma from the main instructor in WIKF International, Sensei John Wicks 8 dan today at training camp at Voss weekend. It was great! Image: When I have achieved 4 dan (yondan) black belt. Received diploma from the main instructor in WIKF International, Sensei John Wicks 8 dan today at training camp at Voss weekend. It was great!Description: Bilde: Da har jeg oppnådd 4. dan (yondan) svart belte. Mottok diplomet fra hovedinstruktør i WIKF International, sensei John Wicks 8. dan i dag på treningsleiren på Voss i helgen. Det var stort !
Photographer: Holger Lockertsen

Eyvind Andreas Bagge, 71 years, received the honorary 4. Dan from Sensei Jon Wicks (8. Dan). Eyvind is a great role model for the rest of us and proves that karate is for all ages. Eivind has trained karate actively every week for the last 30 years.
As a yearly tradition the evening ended in the Restaurant China Palace with pleasant moments and obligatory speeches from the Dan graduated.

After warm-up exercices lead by Sensei Runar Joanesarson, it was time to practice Tachi dori Nihonme. Sensei Jon Wicks clarified the purpose of “kareata”, the performing of a technique immediately after “Inasu”, when dodging an attack.

The exercises with Tachi and Tanto gives a good understanding of Taisabaki, ie body movement away from the line of attack.
Then Review of combination No. 3 for Dan grading. Before it was time to practice Kata Jitte.
Sensei Cato Bruarøy conducted separate session for the lower kyu grades with training on Pinan Godan, kicking techniques and applications/Bunkai of Wado Kihon.
The group of Children and youths had further training with Nico where it was play based warm-up exercises before there where some talks about how to prepare for competitions both mentally and physically. Reflections, behavior and habits that need to be established before entering the Kumite competition. Then it was time for strength workouts for abs, legs and back. Then practicing on Blocking Techniques and Counter Attacks. Finally it was all put together in a controlled fight with an effort up to 80% .It all ended with stretching and relaxation.

WIKF congratulate Voss karate club with a great conducted Gasshuko.

Dates for next year event is set to 6th – 8th March 2015.

Photographer: Holger Lockertsen