Principles and Maxims

Here you will find a selection of principles, some are common to Karate and others specific to our federation. I hope this page will help you understand and appreciate the importance that the WIKF places on ethics and morality.

It is this subtle difference that not only make our members excellent atheletes and Karate-Ka but also great people morally.

Dojo Kun

These Maxims are motto's, the spirit of which serious students of Karate should try to follow if they wish to gain the maximum from their training.

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Kikioji, Mukuzure, Futanren

These are historical Samurai maxims, any one of these could be enough to cost a Samurai a contest or his life. They also apply to all martial arts...

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Su Ha Ri

'Su Ha Ri' is an old important word in Japanese martial arts and is a key principle in order to understand the true aim of our practices.

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Karate Ni Sentenashi

Karate Ni Sentenashi is a basic and very essential part of karate training. This in its basic forms means you should never attack....

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Kata No Rokugensoku

Kata No Rokugensoku details the six principles of how kata should be practiced and performed in order for the karate-ka to truly master their technique.

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