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Sensei Wicks Seminar at Cambell River

Cambell River Seminar


The Campbell River Wado Karate club and the Quadra Island Wado Karate Club in British Columbia, Canada was honoured to/host Sensei Jon Wicks, Wado Kokusai World Chief Instructor, to teach a seminar from Saturday, October 1st, 2001 through Monday, October 3, 2011. 

Cambell RiverBecause of the varying ranges in age and belt/skill levels of the over thirty-five attendees, the seminar concentrated on basics.  Basics, basics, and basics.  Wado is built on basics.  The underlying fundamental principles of Wado's "NO WASTED MOVEMENT" and  "USE YOUR WHOLE BODY" can only be acheived through continuous practice of basics. Sensei Wicks also emphasized the maxim "ALWAYS READY FOR ATTACK", meaning  karatekas should always practice awareness/zenshin at all times. This includes awareness between each movement of Renrakuwaza techniques., awareness when practicing all of our various partner work and of course, kata..  Of course, fun and laughs were to be had when it came to practicing idori, tantodori, and partner work.  Because the concentration and energy was so intense throughout the seminar, some took too much pleasure when practicing take downs with their partners or stabbing them repeatedly with rubber or wooden or “live”  knives. 

Cambell RiverThe course was enriched with the presence of 7th Dan Sensei Ken Corrigan, Chief Instructor for Wado Ryu in Canada and 7th Dan Sensei Tom Kosslow, Chief Instructor of Wado Kokusai USA and local club instructor and 7th Dan, Dan Wallis.  Their extensive skills and immeasurable spirits helped to make the course a memorable event for all those who participated.   

 To show their appreciation and thanks for Sensei Wicks including them on his North American leg of his teaching course, the Campbell River and Quadra Island Wado Karate clubs presented him with an original Gyotaku print by a local Campbel River artist.  Sensei Dan Wallis was also presented with an original Gyotaku print for his appointment to 7th Dan by Sensei Suzuki this past July.   

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Trammy Tran