Wado International Karate_Do Federation

Arturo Girona

Arturo Girona started his Karate training in 1970 in Mexico City. He obtained his Shodan in Shito-Ryu in 1973 from Murata Nobuyoshi Sensei and was later promoted to Sandan in Okinawan Shuri-Ryu by Master Robert Trias in 1977. In 1981, while living in London, he started training under Suzuki Sensei at the Honbu Dojo in Marvic House, Fulham. Since then, Girona has been instrumental in spreading Wado Kokusai throughout South America and the USA. He organized and assisted Suzuki Sensei in his first seminars in Venezuela (1984), Florianopolis, Brazil (1995) and introduced Wado Kokusai in Chile. Girona has taught seminars in Chile, Dominican Republic, Panama and throughout the US; and has assisted Chief Instructor Jon Wicks at seminars in Curacao, Ireland and Sweden.

Girona competed nationally and internationally for over 20 yrs. and was selected to represent WIKF’s international team “A” in competitions in Japan (Toride 1991 and Iwakuni 1995). He also competed representing Team USA at both the first WIKF’s World Championships in Athens (1993) and at the World Wado Cup in London (1989). Other highlights of his competition record are:

* 1989 Kumite Champion, Sunshine State Games.
* 1988 Gold medal in Kata and Silver medal in Kumite, USKF Florida State Championship.
* Silver medal Kumite, 1990 USKF Florida State Championships.
* Finalist, UKKW Championships (London, 1981).
* Finalist, US Open (1981 and 1980).
* Finalist, Shito-Ryu Pan American Championships (Monterrey, Mexico 1973).

Sensei Girona has attended various seminars by Karate Masters including Higaonna Morio and Inoue Yoshimi in order to further his Karate knowledge; he currently holds a 7th Dan Black Belt and is a member of WIKF’s World Technical Committee as well as Regional Director for Central and South America.