Wado International Karate_Do Federation

Hiroji Fukazawa

Fukazawa SenseiMr. Fukazawa started his pursuit of the martial arts at a young age, starting with Kendo and then later moving to Judo. It was at the age of 14 when he began the practice of Karate-Do. During his first 18months of Karate training Sensei Fukazawa trained at a Dojo in Inoue before moving on to Sensei Minoru Mochizuki's Dojo where he trained there for several years. Sensei Fukazawa was also privileged to study Aiki Jutsu, Aikido and Katory Chinto Ryu.

In 1974 he travelled to France to help Sensei Mochizuki son, Hiroo to spread Karate-do. He soon moved to the north of Italy where he lived for two years and established Wado karate Dojos there. Sensei Fukazawa now lives in France where he was the Chief Instructor of the Wado International Karate-Do Federation in France also he is an active member of the French Karate Federation, holding several positions such as Federal Expert and he is a member of the French grading panel.

Kata CD ROMHe is well known for his expertise of Wado Kata and his explanation of the moves within these Katas (BUNKAI). This can be seen on his CD Rom, which was commissioned by the FFK the French all styles Federation.

Also Sensei Fukazawa is a founder member of the Wado Kokusai and in 2001 he was appointed World Chief Instructor to the Wado International Karate-do Federation by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi.  

Sensei Fukazawa passed away on 11th June 2010 after a long illness, he will be deeply missed by all his Wado Kokusai friends and family.