Wado International Karate_Do Federation

William Millerson

In September 1970 Sensei Millerson started practicing Wado in Hilversum, Netherlands in the dojo of Jack van Hellemond. This means that in September of this year he celebrated 40 years of being part of the Wado family, which he is very proud of. He would also like to thank Sensei for all the support he has given to Sensei Millerson over the many years.

Date of birth: January 10, 1953
Place of birth: Aruba
Profession: Electronic Engineer
Employment: own Company
Degree in Karate: 7 dan / style WADO
* 1973 until 1976 Dutch middle weight champion
* 1973 and 1975 European middle weight vice
* 1973 and 1975 European WADO champion Open
* 1975 Dutch Open weight champion
* 1973 until 1976 ranked as number 6 best of Europe
by Black Belt magazine
* 1975 Number 3 of the world with Dutch team
during world championships of Long Beach,
* 1976 and 1979 Latin American and Caribbean
champion held in respectively Santo Domingo and
* 1977 Number 4 during world championships
held in Tokyo. In those days world
championships were held only in Open
weight class and the top eight of the
World championships were honored.
(Nowadays in men divisions there are 7
weight categories.)
* 1979 Number 3 in Pan-American championships
of PAKF held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* 1981 Pan-American champion of PUKO’s first
Pan-American championships held in
Curacao by defeating Billy Blanks,
founder of Taebo, in the finals.
* 1975 until 1984 Participation in 5 world
championships as trainer, coach and athlete.
* 1976 until 1992 Trainer and coach of team of
Curacao (Netherlands Antilles).
* 1986 until 1996 Secretary General of Pan-American
Karate Federation.
* 1987 until 1999 President of Curacao Sports
Federation (CSF).
* 1994 Elected DC member of World Karate
* 1996 President of Pan-American Karate Federation.
* 1996 Vice-president of World Karate Federation
* 1997 Elected president of the Olympic
Committee of the Netherlands Antilles
* 1998 Elected 1st vice-president of WKF
* 2001 Promoted to 7th dan for merits and
achievements in karate

Officially listed as one of the 3 first medal winners for Holland in the official International karate events when the Dutch started to compete internationally. Has provided karate clinics and workshops Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Holland, Panamá, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad, USA and Venezuela.

2011 - William Millerson presented with Medal of Honour by the Dutch Queen

On April 29, 2011 William Millerson, Wado Kokusai Chairman, WKF First Vice President and PKF president, was presented with the medal of honour of the Dutch Queen, Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau. This was presented to him by the Governor of Curacao his Excellency Dr. Frits Goedgedrag.

William Millerson Presented with Medal of Honour
Mr. Millerson with the Governor, his Excellency Dr. Frits Goedgedrag