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Wado Kokusai - Winter Course 2012

Winter Course 2012

The annual Wado Kokusai winter course was held on the weekend of 17th 18th and 19th February 2012 at the Spectrum Leisure Centre Guildford.

 The instructors on the course were Sensei Jon Wicks 8th Dan, World Chief Instructor of Wado Kokusai assisted by Sensei David Allsop 7th Dan and Sensei Wim Massee 7th Dan.  The course was as usual attended by an impressive array of Senior Instructors from around the world.  Countries represented were Holland, Spain. Italy, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Belgium.  Even in the current economic climate the course was well attended with the Sports centre being within easy location of airports and hotels and fairly central within the country.


Winter Course 2012The course began on Friday evening after a lot of greetings between friends and acquaintances within the organization, which is always like a family get together.  As is traditional everyone trained together for the first night with basics followed by renraku waza no 1 for the Dan grades.  Then followed the kata Naihanchi, which had a thorough pulling apart with Sensei Wicks watching each and every move performed with repetition again and again until he was more satisfied with the results.

There then followed some pair work practice of the basic sanbon gumite, Jodan Uke nos 2 & 3 and Kihon Gumite no 8 and no 8 knife defence. Everyone then departed to refresh themselves for the next day's work.

Saturday began at 10 am promptly with once again basics and the practice of renraku waza dan grade no 2 .  The class then began Kata practice of Seishan and after a while the class split with Sensei Massee taking the lower grades up to 2nd dan continuing Seishan and Sensei Wicks concentrating on Jitte with the rest of the class.

Winter CourseThere then followed Tachi Dori No 4 and Kihon Gumite no 8 by the whole class. 

After the class was dismissed everyone had free time apart from those that attended the AGM.  On Saturday evening everyone was welcome at the traditional Wado Kokusai family dinner at a local restaurant. 

On Sunday morning the course began with the practice of Basics and Renraku Waza Black Belt no 3 followed by the study of the Kata Bassai.  The kata took a great deal of time for Sensei Wicks to be anything like happy with the performance and everyone at the end of this was grateful for a well earned 10 minute break. Those who were attempting their dan gradings later that afternoon had separated from the rest of the class and were practicing their Katas in earnest under the watchful eyes of Senseis Wim Massee and David Allsop.  

When the break was over everyone partnered up and practiced the pair work relevant to their next grade and then did a short session of well controlled free sparring with different partners.

 After a partnered cool down led by Sensei Joop Weeland and a group photograph, everyone then relaxed before the Dan Grading ( apart from those who were grading of course!!).

Winter Course 2012

Congratulations to the following on attaining their grades:

Simon Coope 4th Dan

Robert Trice 1st Dan

Colin Parsons 1st Dan

Andrew Partingdon 1st Dan. 

When the congratulations and hugs were over and all the paper work was complete we all said goodbye looking forward to the next Leaders and Summer Courses. Please check the site for details.